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Foods that Cause Constipation

Foods that Cause ConstipationIf you often find it hard to take a dump, you are probably eating foods that cause constipation. You probably have other reasons in mind, but being constipated through the foods you eat can actually be a possibility.

Whenever you feel something gassy building up, you can look back at the things you eat and think that these are the real reasons why you are in such a condition. So what can you do in this case? Obviously, you have to avoid constipating foods. Continue reading

Natural Laxative Foods for Constipation Relief

Foods for ConstipationWhen you hear the term “constipation”, funny images may pop in your mind. However, if not given any medical attention, this condition can lead to a more serious problem. Natural laxative foods for constipation are essential when you experience difficulty in passing your stool. Although almost everyone experiences this condition in some stage of their life, frequent constipation might warrant the attention of a doctor.

Contrary to popular knowledge the cause of constipation is not the lack of fiber and other foods to help constipation. The culprit behind it is the opioid peptides present in dairy and wheat products. These foods are common in everyone’s diet but not all of us experience constipation.

Some of us are predisposed to be easily constipated after consuming foods rich in opioid peptides. The key here is the quantity of these foods that you can consume before constipation occurs. Continue reading