Natural Remedies for Constipation

Natural Remedies for ConstipationConstipation is something that most people will encounter in their lives. It is a natural occurrence and will resolve itself after things go back to normal. As such, people usually use constipation as a sign that something is wrong with their bodies.

The thing though with looking for natural remedies for constipation is that it just addresses constipation itself, and not the underlying condition that is causing the constipation. Still, it is also true that using natural constipation remedies may also have a hand in resolving the underlying cause in due time.

More than just avoiding the prolonged discomfort, natural cures for constipation will also help you prevent more serious conditions (like colon cancer, hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding) from developing.

Constipation Natural Remedies

What constitutes constipation varies from person to person. But it is generally agreed that you haven’t been moving those bowels very well if you are passing hard and dry stools less than three times in seven days. Some of the natural remedies you can take advantage of to get things moving again include:

  • A high-fiber diet
    Insoluble fiber provides bulk for stool but retains a soft texture so stools are still easy to pass. You can get insoluble fiber mainly from fruits and vegetables, but you should definitely load up on your whole grains as a natural remedy for constipation. Soluble fiber on the other hand dissolves in water when consumed and turns into gel in the intestines. These foods for constipation also create the necessary bulking up needed without the rough texture so it’s not a pain in the ass (literally) to get the junk out of your system.
  • Plenty of fluids
    A high-fiber diet only works as a natural cure for constipation if you couple it with taking in a lot of fluids. Fiber absorbs water, after all, and so without enough water in your system, stool becomes hard and dry and you’re right back where you started, sometimes even worse.You normally need at least eight glasses of water in a day but you would do well to increase your fluid intake if you are on a high-fiber diet because your body will be absorbing more water than usual. In addition, also gauge your fluid intake depending on your activities for the day. If you’re going to be outdoors doing strenuous exercise, for instance, you’re going to be sweating more so make sure that you add fluids as needed.
  • Acupressure
    Acupressure is the traditional practice of healing by applying pressure on certain points of the body. As a natural constipation remedy, acupressure involves targeting the point that corresponds to the large intestine. This point is located at the highest spot of the strip of muscle sitting between your index finger and thumb when the two fingers are brought together closely.Apply pressure gradually and hold for about three minutes. The pressure you should be feeling should not be uncomfortable or painful. As one of the natural constipation cures, this is not ideal though for pregnant women.

If you want to prevent your constipation from getting worse and leading to more serious health conditions, it is best to try these natural remedies for constipation ASAP. If these do not seem to work, you can always resort to a natural colon cleanser, like Bowtrol.

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