Natural Laxatives Explored

Natural LaxativesUsing natural laxatives for constipation is a safe way to get rid of toxins and bodily waste that just would not come out. Bowel movements are necessary in keeping your digestive system healthy.

Keeping your intestines clean and free from obstruction allows food to be digested better and be able to make its way out of the body freely. So when you give in to eating too many constipating foods at one time, the digestive system slows down, making you constipated.

Importance and Benefits

When the colon is clean, toxins that may bring nutritional problems and other diseases will not have a place to stay. This is what the best natural laxative does. It helps get rid of the hard-to-release stool in a natural and safe way.

There are usually no side effects and it does not cause any irritation to the digestive system. Using a gentle laxative also lessens the body’s dependence on medicines that might contain chemicals.

A Few Examples

There are a lot of laxatives that are available in the market. Among these, there are some safe laxatives that do not come in medicine packets or need to be bought from drug stores.

• Food – As much as we liking eating food, we should also think about the food that is put in our mouths. Food and drinks that help in how to relieve constipation include bananas, apples, prunes, pears, carrots, spinach, grapefruits, berries, melons, green leafy vegetables, lemon juice, warm milk, and herbal laxative tea. You can even mix these in various ways to make your own homemade laxative.

Other herbal laxatives include spices such as pepper, cumin, and ginger. A high-fiber diet is also advised since the fiber serves as a broom that helps sweep away the toxins in the body, easing bowel movement.

• Lifestyle – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help prevent and cure constipation. Exercise regularly to help blood circulation and improve your digestion. Also, you should never hold it in when you have the natural urge to defecate. Rather release your bowels whenever you feel the need.

• Colon cleansers – These products contain a variety of natural laxatives and probiotics to boost the health of your digestive system and help get you regular again. The added advantage of getting a colon cleanse like the one from Bowtrol is that it detoxes your body, which can often lead to weight loss and increased energy.

Asking for a mild laxative to use from the doctor should also be done if constipation persists. Since constipation is an embarrassing and inconvenient medical condition, it should be treated as early as possible with natural laxatives for safe and instant relief.

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