Simple Home Remedies for Constipation

Home Remedies for ConstipationIf you have this irritating condition, you’ll be happy to know that there are actually home remedies for constipation. If you get clogged up regularly, you need to consult a doctor first and let him or her examine your condition. This is important because you may have an underlying condition.

Constipation can be a source or the effect of more serious problems. Thus, it is recommended for you to follow what your doctor is saying first before you do anything. This will gauge whether or not constipation home remedies can treat your problem or you need some other kind of treatment.

When you do find out that it is nothing severe, then you may start to try simple remedies. Ideally, it starts with the things that you consume. So it should not be surprising that your constipation treatment comes from the things that are around you.

For starters, you need to consume warm water mixed with lemon juice and olive oil in the morning. This home remedy for constipation should be done before you eat anything so that the stomach can be in its calmest state. Also, you can find a suitable cure when you drink a mixture of prune juice, milk and licorice extract. This one can be quite suitable when you drink it in the morning as well, but this time around, do so after you have eaten your breakfast.

When you feel the pain after you have just gone to the toilet, or if there’s blood in your stool, there is a constipation home remedy just for that. An Epsom salt bath for instance, can help you relieve the pain that you feel in your anus. And it should only take a measly 15 minutes for the effects of the salt and the warm water mixture to take effect. Other mixtures can also help in this case. Aloe gel is also a great way of relieving the pain that you feel.

There are many severe constipation home remedies to relieve you of the pain that you feel when you are constipated. Depending on what you have at home, you need to gauge what you really need. But of course, do remember that it all starts with your diet. Adding fiber in your meals will greatly help treat your condition.

Trying simple home remedies for constipation like these may be just what you need before moving onto stronger, harsher treatments like laxatives or possibly surgery.

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