Foods that Cause Constipation

Foods that Cause ConstipationIf you often find it hard to take a dump, you are probably eating foods that cause constipation. You probably have other reasons in mind, but being constipated through the foods you eat can actually be a possibility.

Whenever you feel something gassy building up, you can look back at the things you eat and think that these are the real reasons why you are in such a condition. So what can you do in this case? Obviously, you have to avoid constipating foods.

Oily Foods

The main issue with foods that constipate is that the process of breaking them down makes it harder to do especially if these foods contain high cholesterol content. In the first place, it is not really that bad to eat foods with cholesterol. But in this case, you have to avoid those that do not contain the healthy types of cholesterol.

Not only will these cause problems in your digestive process, but also become the possible sources of heart attack in the end. Also, the liver is affected by these types of foods especially with the production of liver enzymes that are actually useful for the digestion process. So what foods cause constipation? In this case you should try to avoid or cut down on eating foods like red meat, butter, eggs, dairy products, and deep-fried foods.

Processed Foods

For one reason or another, you may be enticed to eat at fast food restaurants or you just can’t avoid eating things straight from the can. These types of foods are the most dangerous to the colon.

Not only will these damage your internal organs in the long run, but also, these can give you a hard time in the toilet. So at best, do not eat too much of these foods. These foods can cause a lot of burden on your part. And of course, they do not provide the nutritional value that you require on a daily basis.

Low-Fiber Foods

Some more foods that make you constipated are ones that are low in fiber. Fiber, as you may know, can be really helpful in the digestive process. When mixed with water in your body, it turns into a gel-like solution that can make it easier for waste in your body to pass through the intestines.

For how to get rid of constipation, try eating more whole grain foods, like whole wheat bread, and fruits and vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, peas, green beans, apples, peaches and prunes, on a daily basis. Some of the lower-fiber foods that cause constipation are any products containing refined flour, like white bread, pasta, pastries and cookies.

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