Natural Laxative Foods for Constipation Relief

Foods for ConstipationWhen you hear the term “constipation”, funny images may pop in your mind. However, if not given any medical attention, this condition can lead to a more serious problem. Natural laxative foods for constipation are essential when you experience difficulty in passing your stool. Although almost everyone experiences this condition in some stage of their life, frequent constipation might warrant the attention of a doctor.

Contrary to popular knowledge the cause of constipation is not the lack of fiber and other foods to help constipation. The culprit behind it is the opioid peptides present in dairy and wheat products. These foods are common in everyone’s diet but not all of us experience constipation.

Some of us are predisposed to be easily constipated after consuming foods rich in opioid peptides. The key here is the quantity of these foods that you can consume before constipation occurs.

Knowing about foods that help with constipation and about which ones to avoid can significantly reduce your chances of getting constipated. The following should be included in your constipation diet:


If you do not have adequate water intake, your stool becomes dry and compacted. Remember that water is used in almost all the processes that occur in the body, including digestion. Drinking eight glasses of water a day will not suffice if you are experiencing constipation. Two or more additional glasses along with foods that help constipation will ease the passage of stool.


Yes, you read it right. Make sure though that the right type of fiber is included in your meals. Fiber rich foods that relieve constipation include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These act like a broom that sweeps off the waste from your digestive tract. Of course, be sure to strike a balance in the amount of high fiber foods for constipation to avoid overstressing your colon.

Most fruits and vegetables in a diet for constipation also contain a lot of water, which (as mentioned earlier) is essential in helping loosen the stool and bring relief.

  • Some examples of fruits include apples, apricots, peaches, prunes and sweet melon.
  • Examples of vegetables ideal in how to prevent constipation include broccoli, carrot, cabbage, spinach, mushroom, green beans, peas and corn on the cob.
  • Examples of whole grain constipation foods include brown rice, whole wheat bread and oat bran.

Herbal foods to relieve constipation

There are herbs that stimulate bowel movement like cascara sagrada and rhubarb. Usage of these foods to help with constipation must be temporarily, since you can become dependent on them. These herbs contain compounds that when dissolved in the intestines loosen or soften the stool so that passage is easier.

Other herbal foods to eat for constipation are Aloe, Buckthorn, and Senna. Consulting with your doctor before taking these herbs is recommended as excessive use can cause dangerous effects to the body.

To summarize: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and certain herbs are some of the best foods for constipation relief.

On the other hand, there are foods that should be entirely avoided because they can worsen the condition:

Refined and Processed foods

Aside from being unhealthy, these are NOT foods to eat when constipated. They contain little fiber and can actually aggravate the symptoms of constipation. Stay away from pizza, cakes, mashed potatoes, and other forms of prepared meals.

Dairy products

Foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fat are a contributor to this condition because they tend to stay longer in the large intestine. Avoid eating ice cream, cheese, butter, and milk.


If you are experiencing bowel movement problems, veer off for a while from eating too much meat. Eggs, fish, and well-cooked meat is not good food for constipation relief.

So, next time you’re feeling constipated pay special attention to what you’ve been eating. Good chance it was one of the foods that caused your constipation. All you have to do get your bowel movements going again is to eat the right foods for constipation.

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