Constipation Treatment for Lasting Relief

Constipation TreatmentConstipation treatment can be done through medical or natural ways. It depends on the severity of your condition. If you’re experiencing mild constipation, you can use natural ways. However if you are experiencing chronic constipation, it’s time for you to get professional help.

There are many factors that cause chronic constipation, including stress, dehydration, enzyme deficiency, parasitic infestation and more. Constipation mostly occurs in adults as a result of decreased bowel movement as we age. Having less than three bowel movements a week can be a sign of constipation, while having less than one bowel movement a week is considered chronic constipation.

Constipation Treatments:

• Drink a lot of water – The most basic way how to treat constipation is to drink water regularly. It is scientifically proven that drinking 8 glasses of water each day will help develop your metabolism. It will also help in keeping your digestive system to be clean and healthy.

• Extra fiber – Another treatment for constipation would be eating food that has lots of fiber as this will help your digestive system to function properly. Fiber helps to speed up the flow of waste and toxic from the human body. This rapid excretion will prevent waste to get stuck in the large intestine that causes constipation.

Fiber also helps to soften the stool for smooth bowel movement. Some of the foods that can be good sources of fiber include dried beans, peas, oats, black sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, coconuts, and more.

• Chewing your food – Saliva plays a vital role in your digestive system and with treating constipation. That is why it’s important to chew your food properly so that your food will quickly breakdown into particles. Take your time when you’re eating. Make good use of your teeth for proper digestion.

• Colon cleansing – Getting your colon cleansed is a good way to treat constipation and improve the overall health of your colon. For example, this colon cleanser contains fiber, probiotics and various other natural remedies specifically used to treat constipation and detoxify your digestive system.

• Laxatives – There are different types of laxatives such as emollient laxatives, lubricant laxatives, saline laxatives, hyperosmolar laxatives, stimulant laxatives, lubiprostone, suppositories, and more. Each of these laxatives has a specific function to treat constipation.

For example, emollient laxatives work by causing your body to release water into your colon, which then mixes with and softens your stool. Emollient laxatives often lead to rapid bowel movement. With suppositories, these drugs are inserted into your rectum to help in the treatment of constipation.

• Surgery – The treatment options above are commonly for short-term constipation. But when you’re experiencing severe constipation, you need to undergo surgery for chronic constipation treatment. This is the last resort if ever your constipation medicine doesn’t take effect.

The good thing about constipation is that it can be treated. The above are some of the things you can do if ever you’re clogged up. Along with proper food and exercise, your digestive system will function properly.

Always keep in mind that water is essential to life and most especially to your digestive system. Also remember that you are in control of your body, so stop living in pain and get constipation treatment today.

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