Choosing the Best Laxative

Best LaxativeIf you want to treat your constipation once and for all, you should use the best laxative. It can help with your constipation problems by speeding up the process of digestion. This in turn helps with loosening up the trapped stool in your colon.

Below are the different types of laxatives that can work to relieve you from constipation. One may work as a fast acting laxative more than another, but since no two constipation cases are alike, it is best to look into the different types of laxatives that are available in the market today.

Stool Softeners

Also known as Ducosate, stool softeners are laxatives specifically designed to get into your colon and to reduce the hardness of the stool (which can cause the onset of constipation). This directly addresses the problem of constipation, and is found to be a very viable laxative that can fix the problem right at its source.

Bulk Laxatives

Also known as Calcium Polycarbphi or Psyllium, some of the best laxatives are usually, fiber-based that use fiber as a means to draw out the problem of constipation. Fiber is said to be a wonderful material found in food sources that can help in restoring the colon and bringing it back to health.

These constipation remedies can help not just in getting rid of clogged up stool, but can also help in restoring the overall health of your colon. It can also help in preventing further digestive problems, such as diarrhea, or even cancer.

Osmotic Laxatives

Also known as PEG or Polyetylene Glycol, osmotic laxatives are quite different from the two other strong laxatives mentioned above. Osmotic laxatives are ideal for people who have an ample amount of hydration.

The way that an osmotic laxative works is through the process of osmosis, where water is carried from one area to another, usually through a membrane. In this case, the intestine is that very membrane and the water that is within the body is the water that is used to flush out the hardened stool found deep within the colon.

The Verdict

The right fast acting laxatives for you still depends on your body’s reactions to the treatment and the lifestyle that you lead. So, it is best to ask your physician which one will work for you. They will help you find the best laxative for your constipation and help prevent another attack in the future.

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